Neil O’Hara

Position Partner – Head of Asset Management

Location London

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Neil recently joined Basalt as Head of Asset Management and is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership across the Basalt portfolio of assets. Neil is currently directors of Wightlink and XNG.

Since 2004 Neil has worked with funds and private capital in several businesses and was an Executive Director in the turnaround team that restructured British Energy. Recently Neil was CEO and MD of EPH’s UK businesses covering coal, renewable and gas generating assets. Whilst in this role he originated and oversaw the acquisition and $400million conversion of a 390mw biomass plant.

Previously Neil has also worked for British Gas, Centrica, American Electric Power and provided turnaround leadership for Goldman Sachs Renewable Fund, Strategic Value Partners, BlueBay Asset Management and Monarch Capital.

Neil holds a BA (Honours) in Business studies.