Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) is a regulated electric utility business that provides distribution and power supply services to approximately 52,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. UPPCO was formed in 1947 through the merger of three small utilities (one of which dated back to 1884) and was acquired by Integrys  in 1998.

UPPCO became incorporated in 1947 through a merger involving three smaller electric companies, one of which commenced operations in approximately 1884 just five years after Edison’s incandescent light bulb put the practical use of electricity at the fingertips of the public.

UPPCO’s service territory of 4,460 square miles covers primarily rural countryside in 10 of the Upper Peninsula’s 15 counties. Forest products, tourism and small manufacturing are the main industries served by UPPCO.

The company’s assets include seven hydroelectric renewable energy generation facilities and tow combustion turbines providing a total generation capacity of approximately 80MW as well as 3,300 miles of electric distribution lines and 58 distribution substations.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.uppco.com