Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom (MT) is the leading Isle of Man-based communications solutions provider, providing a wide range of Fixed Line, Broadband, Mobile and Data Centre services to retail, business and public sector customers on the island. MT focuses on providing outstanding customer experience, high-quality and high-availability networks. Manx is the only operator of a Fixed Line network in the Isle of Man and is currently investing in state of the art 1 Gbps Fibre- to- the- Premise (FTTP) broadband for both its consumer and business customer base. It has three internationally connected data centres and its operations are business-critical to the economic strategy of the Isle of Man.

MT is one of the Isle of Man’s largest employers with around 300 staff, and plays a major role in the wider community through a range of activities including charitable donations, sponsorships and corporate social responsibility initiatives. MT is strengthening its core market position whilst exploring new market opportunities on and off-island, leveraging its telecommunications expertise and mobile technology platform.

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