Alkane Energy


Alkane is a fast growing, independent, UK power generator. The Company operates midsized ‘gas to power’ electricity plants providing both predictable and fast response capacity to the grid. Alkane has a total of 182MW of installed generating capacity (including 22MW in late stage construction).

Alkane’s base load operations, where power is generated 24/7, are centred on a portfolio of Coal Mine Methane (CMM) sites. Alkane has the UK’s leading portfolio of CMM licenses, enabling the Company to utilise methane gas from abandoned coal mines.

In addition, power response sites are connected to mains natural gas and produce electricity at times of high electrical demand through peak running, or in order to balance the electricity grid through participation in the National Grid’s STOR market. Participants in STOR are paid premium rates when called upon by the Grid to meet temporary supply shortages. Alkane now operates 102MW of power response, one of the UK’s largest power response businesses, including 25MW under a 15-year off-take contract.

Alkane has been awarded 91MW of 15-year Capacity Mechanism Agreements (“CM”) starting in October 2018, October 2019 and October 2020. Those long-term contracts, together with the long term STOR and CMM portfolio, provide a level of downside protection for the business.

Alkaline was disposed of in full April 2018.

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